How to Apply to a Post-Doc


Start planning ahead:

Most deadlines are between August and October of the year before the start of the application, this means applying before you are finished with your thesis.

But you need to get in touch with the institution and secure an advisor at least 3, better more, months before. And in the case of thematic postdocs, develop a description to send to them ahead of time, this means having developed in very general terms the topic of your postdoctoral research project almost a full year before that.

This means you should start thinking about that in your 3-4 year of the program (assuming you are taking 5-6 years to graduate, earlier if you are on a faster track).

Publishing around your 3-4 year in the program (specialization essay; one other non-thesis related topic stemming from a term paper or a separate small project)

Information resources:

Good web pages:

Specific Postdocs (beyond SSHRC and FRQSC):


Mitacs Elevate is now accepting applications for two-year postdoctoral funding:

  • $60,000 annual award (plus $7,500 per year non-cash value in training)
  • Exclusive, customized professional development training
  • Long-term collaborative research project with a non-academic partner

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