Working and Research Groups


Arthemis or the Advanced Research Team on History and Epistemology of Moving Image Study is dedicated to the study of the evolution of film studies as a discipline. Based at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Concordia University and initiated by Martin Lefebvre, it gathers scholars from Canada, the United States and Europe. The group organizes, among other things, monthly seminars related to the different axes of research. They are available on this site. We invite you to listen to the conferences and submit your comments. In addition, you will find on this site an evolving bibliography and book reviews.

The Permanent Seminar on Histories of Film Theories

The Permanent Seminar on Histories of Film Theories is an open network of film scholars interested in excavating and re-reading historical contributions and debates on film. Special attention is devoted to early writings on cinema as well as more recent reconsiderations of film’s role in the new media landscape. The Permanent Seminar is affiliated with the Film Theory in Media History book series published through the Amsterdam University Press.

Screen Cultures Research Group

The Screen Culture Research Group (SCRG) has been working to advance cross-disciplinary, inter-faculty, discussion about screen culture since 2006 and has acted as a vehicle for graduate students and faculty located in several departments to meet and share research in process that relates to issues of screen materiality. Our series of events have an explicitly international focus, with attention placed on the global historical impact of screen technologies.  The sessions are designed to be a conversation among faculty members, including researchers directly involved in screen studies as well as those with a developing interest in these topics. Graduate students whose research intersects with the workshop are invited to attend.

Faculty members include Charles Acland (Communications), Alice Ming Wai Jim (Art History), Bart Simon (Sociology), Haidee Wasson (Cinema). The main contact for SCRG is Charles Acland.

Sense Lab

Sense Lab | A Laboratory for Thought in Motion is composed of artists, academics, researchers, dancers, and writers working together to explore the active passage between research and creation. The Lab considers research to be creation in germ, and creation to produce its own concepts for thought. The Lab holds monthly reading groups, a bi-monthly speaker-series entitled Bodies-Bits///Corps-Données – a platform for the exploration of work in progress both local and international – as well as a series of international events entitled Technologies of Lived Abstraction. Each of these events are conceived as vehicles for the exploration of modes of participation that take thought as their laboratory for creative practice and creative practice as a platform for thought.

All are welcome. We are located at Concordia University (Hexagram) in EV 11-625, 11-655. The person of contact for the Sense Lab is Dr. Erin Manning.

Concordia Documentary Centre

Founded in 2005, the Concordia Documentary Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre for scholarly research and creative activity within the field of documentary arts. It is a home for researchers, teachers, students, documentary artists and archivists committed to the advancement of documentary research at Concordia University.

Members: Thomas Waugh, Luca Caminati, Joshua Neves, Daniel Cross, and Elizabeth Miller.

Visit their website

Sound Studies Working Group

This working group brings together scholars and graduate students from a variety of academic departments to allow for a new forum for interdisciplinary work that has sound as its center in order to learn and share our respective disciplinary expertise and approaches. The working group also includes a reading group; presentations of work-in-progress by faculty and graduate students working in sound studies at Concordia, McGill, and Carleton University, as well as talks by invited speakers – past speakers included Dr. Neepa Majumdar (Pittsburgh) and Dr. Jonathan Sterne (McGill). The group is open to scholars already working in sound studies, and those who are interested in incorporating approaches to sound into their research and teaching.

Members of the working group: Elena Razlogova (History), Catherine Russell (Film), Masha Salazkina (Film), Chris Salter (Design and Computation Arts), Marc Steinberg (Film). The main contact for this working group is Dr. Masha Salazkina.