PhD Alumni Profiles

Jeffries, Dru
Lafontaine, Andrée
Wilson, Samantha
Woofter, Kristopher


Dru Jeffries

Background: I did my B.A. in English and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University (2007) and my M.A. in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto (2008). I have an article on Batman (1989) and convergence culture in CineAction and a forthcoming article on figuration in 300 (2006) in Quarterly Review of Film and Video.

Research interests: Classical film theory, remediation, Mikhail Bakhtin, Andre Bazin, formalism, film style, adaptations, 3-D, new media, convergence, comics studies, animal rights. My dissertation elaborates on the poetics of the comic book film as intermedial object.

Andrée Lafontaine

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Samantha Wilson

Background: Samantha completed her Bachelor degree at Trent University with a double major in Philosophy and Cultural Studies and a specialization in Image, Sound and Performance. She focused primarily on political theory and ethics. She chose to broaden her understanding of analytic philosophy by attending University of St. Andrews where the focus of her thesis was on intrinsic value in environmental ethics.

Research interests: After completing her MLitt Samantha has remained engaged with environmental theory and is currently completing research on the formal depiction of the natural landscape in 19th century photography and early cinema, and the shifting philosophical conception of the sublime. Her other research interests include: Avant-garde and Experimental film; Indigenous media; film and photographic technology; Romantic landscape painting; British 18th and 19th century aesthetics; and, Critical Theory, specifically the Frankfurt School and Marxism.

Kristopher Woofter

Background: Kristopher has a B.A. in cinema and literature from Denison University and an M.A. in literature from Concordia University. He has published on the television series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (2010), and on the Gothic discourse in recent documentary in the journal TEXTUS: ENGLISH STUDIES IN ITALY (vol. 25, no.3 2012). Forthcoming publications include a chapter on the recent film, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, for A JOSS WHEDON READER (Syracuse University Press, 2014). He is currently co-editing a scholarly collection that re-evaluates horror cinema’s “lost decade,” the forties. Kristopher also teaches literature and film in the English Department at Dawson College in Montréal, and is a co-founder of Montreal’s Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. He serves as a co-chair for the Horror Area of the Popular Culture / American Culture Association, and is a charter associate and secretary of the Whedon Studies Association. He is also a programmer for the Montreal Underground Film Festival.

Research interests: Kristopher’s current research interests in cinema, television and literature include the horror genre, the Gothic, documentary, mock-documentary, pseudo-documentary and new media. He holds an FQRSC doctoral research fellowship for his current research on horror and realism from silent cinema, to forties “Gothic realism” to the recent mock-documentary “reality horror” film.