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Ardent cinephile and ill-behaved dog owner. Interests include auteur theory, modernist European art cinema (now and then) and all the wonderful quirks of Hong Sang-soo, of which I will explore in my MA thesis.

Philippe Bédard Presents “A Techno-Aesthetic Study of ‘Third-Person Fixed Perception Shots'” – SCMS 2015

Philippe Bédard’s presentation at SCMS, “A Techno-Aesthetic Study of ‘Third-Person Fixed Perception Shots,’” will certainly remain a personal highlight of this year’s conference. It was an opportunity to hear a project that I have witnessed develop and transform throughout a…

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CFP: Process: In Media Res

  Process: In Medias Res Harvard Film and Visual Studies Inaugural Graduate Conference April 10-12, 2014 An artist’s process; a writer’s process; the process of observing; a word processor; processing a negative; a research process; the process of mediation. Process…

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