Call for Paper Roundup — January 2015

Submission Deadline: January 5th
“Poetics & Politics” Documentary Research Symposium, UC Santa Cruz, May 15-17th. DETAILS

January 9th
“What is Cinema History?” Presented by the Early Cinema in Scotland Research Project, University of Glasgow, June 22-24th. DETAILS

“Encounters” Media Fields 5, UC Santa Barbara, April 2-3rd. DETAILS

January 11th
“Screening Animals and the Inhuman” Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow, June 26-28th. DETAILS

January 12th
“Hope, Freedom and Responsibility” SAGSA Conference 2015, Concordia University, March 19-21st. DETAILS

January 15th
“Performing Bodies, Gestures, Affect, and Embodiment On Screen” University of Chicago Graduate Conference, April 17-18th. DETAILS

“Re-Create 2015 Emerging Researchers’ Symposium” Hexagram Montreal, November 5-8th 2015. DETAILS

January 25th
“Contemporary French Comedies: New Trends, New Issues, New Approaches” Université Sorbonne Nouvelle–Paris 3, June 11-12th. DETAILS

January 30th
“The Evaluation of Form” Film-Philosophy Conference, Oxford University, July 20-22nd. DETAILS

January 31st
“Archives of/for the Future” NECS 2015 Conference, Lodz Poland, June 18-20th. DETAILS

February 1st
“Fandom in the Digital and Transmedia Age” Carleton University Film Studies Graduate Student Symposium, March 6-7th. DETAILS

more CFPs:

March 15th
“Porn on the Move” Porn Studies Journal. DETAILS

April 15th
“Xavier Dolan, Queer Nations, and the World of Cinema: Locating the Intimate Within the Global” Synoptique. DETAILS