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Our coverage of the 2015 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference held in Montreal QC, March 25-29th.

Martin Lefebvre Presents “A New Look at Christian Metz: Semiology and Aesthetics” & Tess McClernon on “Discarded, Outworn, and Passé: Theorizing Obsolescence and Its Aesthetic in Outer and Inner Space (1966)”SCMS 2015

Before beginning his presentation this morning, Concordia’s Martin Lefebvre drolly thanked all in attendance for making it to the 9 AM panel on the 22nd day of SCMS. Indeed, it has been somewhat of a marathon of scholarly rigour by…

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Philipp Dominik Keidl Presents “Media Archaeology in the Museum – Methods and Possibilities” – SCMS 2015

On Friday afternoon, the Silent Cinema Cultures SIG sponsored a panel titled “Digital Film Historiography: Archives, Techniques, Epistemology,” chaired by Mel Hoppenheim PhD candidate Philipp Dominik Keidl and co-chaired by Christian Gosvig Olesen (University of Amsterdam). Though the panel was…

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Anthony Kinik Presents “Gordon Sparling’s City Symphonies: Metropolitan Modernism in 1930s Canadian Cinema” -SCMS 2015

Tucked away in the Batiscan conference room on Mezzanine level of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, four scholars reintroduced forgotten filmmakers during the panel titled “Revisiting the City Symphony Phenomenon – Overlooked and Forgotten City Symphonies.” The chair of the panel,…

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Papagena Robbins Presents “Luc Bourdon and the NFB’s La mémoire des anges (2008): Nostalgia and Historical Consciousness through the Individual, the Institutional, and the National” SCMS 2015

At first glance, PhD candidate Papagena Robbins was the odd woman out in panel B7 “Canadian Media Institutions: Negotiating the Local and the National” on Wednesday. While her fellow panelists—Mark Hayward (York University) and Peter Urquhart (Wilfred Laurier University)—may have…

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