SCMS Recap Day 4: Saturday March 28, 2015

As we start the last day of SCMS 2015, you might like to sit down and catch up on certain presentations. While we will have many more write-ups to come in the following days, you can get started today with these :

From Wednesday, March 25:     

Papagena Robbins Presents “Luc Bourdon and the NFB’s La mémoire des anges (2008): Nostalgia and Historical Consciousness through the Individual, the Institutional, and the National” SCMS 2015


From Thursday, March 26:

Masha Salazkina Presents “The Geography of Third World Cinema at International Film Festivals in the 1960s” – SCMS 2015


From Friday, March 27:

SCMS Beyond Concordia: Panel L21 “Volatile Cinema and the Lure of Stability”


Photos from the Conference: