SCMS Recap Day 5: Sunday March 29, 2015

In this final daily recap of SCMS 2015, we’ve started catching up on some of the write-ups of Concordia presentations we might have missed in the last few days. As always, follow these links to read more about each panel, and stay posted for even more write-ups in the following days.

Anthony Kinik Presents “Gordon Sparling’s City Symphonies: Metropolitan Modernism in 1930s Canadian Cinema” -SCMS 2015
anthony new

Philipp Dominik Keidl Presents “Media Archaeology in the Museum – Methods and Possibilities” – SCMS 2015


Martin Lefebvre Presents “A New Look at Christian Metz: Semiology and Aesthetics” & Tess McClernon on  “Discarded, Outworn, and Passé: Theorizing Obsolescence and Its Aesthetic in Outer and Inner Space (1966)” – SCMS 2015

lefebvre mclernon

Adam Rosadiuk Presents “The Anti-human and the Inhumane: Reading Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia (2011) through the Image Theory and Eco-ethics of Hans Jonas” – SCMS 2015



SCMS Beyond Concordia: Panel R9 “Theorizing Special Effects in Film History.” – SCMS 2015


Meredith Slifkin Presents  “A Method of Contradiction: Egyptian Melodrama of the Nasser Era” – SCMS 2015 


Marc Steinberg Presents “Platform Dominance, Contents Strategies: Japanese Media Industries and the Future of Transmedia” – SCMS 2015

steinberg books