Third Annual MA Symposium Program

The CGFSSA is happy to announce to the program for the Third Annual MA Symposium:

CGFSSSA MA Symposium


  • Brad – “On Selective Auteurism: Making a Case for Roman Polanski’s Pirates
  • Patricia – “Il n’y a pas de rapport virtuel : emoticons and the affective economy of virtual interactions
  • Andy – “Beyond the Boards: Cinematic & Televisual Representations of Ice Hockey in North America” 


  • Camilo – Audiovisual Industries & National Cinemas”
  • Nik –  Empire State of Mind: Sex and the City and Cultural Imperialism
  • Philippe – “Disembodied Perspectives: Study of the Visceral Effects of Images Produced by Wearable Miniature Cameras“

The event will be held next Friday, January 24th, in FB 323 at 12pm. Each presentation will be 10 to 15 minutes, followed by a short Q&A. This is a great chance to see what your peers are working on, share ideas, and provide valuable feedback.

The CGFSSA will also provide coffee, tea and snacks!


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  1. you guys should have a camera record image and sound so that you can check yourseves afterwards. It is not fun or easy to do it but the camera is the most objective spectator, that is the best feedback ever.

    Enjoy it!

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