Upcoming Event: Student-Led Grant Writing Workshop

It’s grant application season!!! As such, a number of us have decided to celebrate by holding a student-led grant writing workshop. The festivities will be held this Friday (October 5th) between 10:30am and 12:30pm in room FB-323. All are welcome, however an RSVP is kindly requested.

This workshop will begin by focusing on certain issues and questions concerning the application process, writing style, title, what to include in your letter, what can be left out, how to use the half page of allowable inclusions properly, choosing the three disciplines that best correspond to your research, the two areas of research that correspond with your project…anything under the grant application’s sun that you would like to talk about. Bring your questions!

The majority of the workshop, however, will be spent on the most important part: working directly on each other’s applications in pairs. Students who would like to participate are asked to bring two printed copies of their proposal as it stands moments before they arrive to the workshop (work on it until the very last minute if you have to; it is more productive if you show up with the most up to date version). We aim to let each applicant share their work with at least two other colleagues.

All graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend! Please contact Zach Melzer for further information.